Sunday, December 3, 2017

Atomy Hair & Body Set

Atomy Herbal Treatment Hair Pack - 200 ml

Atomy Hair Tonic - 200 ml

Atomy Herbal Hair Conditioner - 500 ml

For Hair With Perm or Color-Related Damage


Atomy Herbal Hair Conditioner makes hair ultra soft and shiny by enriching and moisturizing it from the inside out. Atomy Herbal Hair Conditioner also treats hair with a specialized silicon compound that coats the hair, giving it a sprightly bounce and reducing static electricity.


After using Atomy Herbal Shampoo, squeeze out excess water from the hair. Apply Atomy Herbal Hair Conditioner evenly and thoroughly into from the roots to the ends of the hair. Rinse off with warm water.

* Atomy Herbal Hair Conditioner is sold separately from the Hair & Body Set

Atomy Herbal Shampoo - 500 ml


Atomy Saengmodan manages various elements blocking the scalp and pores that induces hair cleanliness. It cares for damanged hair texture in order to maintain elastic hair. In addition, it keeps hair clean with avocado and aloe vera plant-based ingredients and removes wastes and contaminants.


  1. Scalp Cleanliness: Removes wastes and contaminants with herbal ingredients such as Asparagus cochinchinensis, Eclipta prostrate, and Chrysanthemum zawadski var, latilobum.
  2. Trouble Care: Cares scalp troubles with Angelica dahurica Bentham et Hooker and tricholoroacid contents. 
  3. Hair Texture Adjustment: Protects damaged hair texture with various effectivce ingredients such as Pleuropterus multflorus, Dictamnus dasycarpus Turcz bark, and Swertia pseudo-chinensis.
  4. Scalp Health: Atomy Saengmodan makes the scalp healthy.

How to Use Atomy Shampoo

Pump sufficient amount on the palm depending on your hair, massage the scalp softly for 1-2 minutes. Massage by pushing and pulling softly from left to right and up and down. This promotes scalp circulation by repetition. Then, rinse thoroughly with warm water.